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Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

Happy to see you here! 

Food Ideas & Stories About Life – AtVeros Food & Life 

Vision here is to experience life in its´ simple moments & beauty, try something new and catch up with everything beautiful that happens around us. I like to celebrate the small happenings of everyday.

We all know that “in order to keep moving on your bicycle you need to keep the balance” & here at vero´s it´s believed in it.

The mission is to go & see places, find cozy food spots, create delicious recipes & share inspiring stories with you. 

I always have my notebook with me & my phone is full of pictures from all around. Every time I have some spare time, I spend it writing about everything that inspires, tastes well & is simply good. 

So …

You will find stories about something for your everyday mornings, days & evenings.

Some little notes & articles to brighten your living.

You need to be sure of something:

I recommend places because they deserve it & I truly appreciate what they do, serve or make.

I share recipes of the food that tastes good & is always tried by me first.  Very often my friends & family get that chance too. (they are lucky, I know :))

I like to see & enjoy life in its´bright vision & I love living with the seasons – you can find many different tips for your summer, autumn, winter & spring.

At Veros tries to keep it simple, delicious & enjoyable, so everyone can get a small bite of that “good” in the everyday life. 

I know how stressful it can get sometimes, but we need to keep our heads high & eyes open, otherwise we will miss to much around us. This is what everything on this blog is about. 


Lets share the journey together!

With Love from Vero (me since 1990)                                              #atveros 


P.S. you can also find me on my instagram as @atveros.

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