Acacia Copenhagen – The Love Story Of Food


Ladies & Gentlemen,


the year is going to an end & I am coming back to these pages full of refreshments. 

First of all, it is so easy to fall in love with all the details of the change of this season. This time of the year with the dark evenings of cozy is really embracing that “hygge” feeling & many of us dedicate more time to be at home & enjoy the simplicity of it.

Obviously, some traditions come along & we try to hide places that bring the most coziness into our hearts. Consequently, I have one that is actually coming up for the second time on this blog. A little, gorgeous place for everyone to google & definitely to visit: “Acacia Copenhagen” 

They have recently updated the menu & it is nothing else but delicious!

What is so magical about the place? 

Firstly, once you open the door of this bright place with a simple interior, you are always welcomed with a most sincere “hello” from the owner. Actually, it does not feel like entering a cafe. I would say that it feels more like entering someones home & being invited for a meal. 

Secondly, when you grab the menu, you can already see the headline of “All Day Brunch” & here that magical list of different, delicious dishes comes up. To be sincere, I do not have concrete words to describe it. However, I would say one thing: the menu is so different from other places & at the same time it is so simple! 

As the result, it is hard to order because you want to try everything! & still, once your choice is made, it takes a little bit of time & you finally get a plate of something beautiful. No matter what you pick from the menu, everything is served like a little piece of art.

Another day I had their zucchini pancakes with an ice cream topping & it was absolutely delicious! 



In addition, when you go to the counter to pay, you find this little corner of homemade plant based cakes. Obviously, it is hard to resist without trying. Last time we tried the salted caramel lemon one & no better comments here than saying that we finished it in a second! 



To sum this up, I would say one simple thing: Acacia Copenhagen is a spot full of sincerity where you meet the owners who care about what they do. As the consequence, this reflects to everything that happens in the kitchen & it is brought to the table. Also the prices are very reasonable for what you order.

Acacia Copenhagen is winning my heart by its simplicity, sincerity & it is not a place where you go only for having a meal. It is a spot to literally enjoy life! The art of their service & recipes is amazing! The quality is felt everywhere: from the food served to the service.

Go & try it for yourself! We might meet there one day 🙂

With Love From Vero #atveros

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