Bistro Deryne Budapest – When A Place Charms You A Lot


Ladies & Gentlemen,


I do not say that very often, but this time I fell in love with a place. 

Firstly, as you could see on my instagram, I went on a trip to Budapest. Yes, it was good & I loved the city. Obviously, you will get a guide about the best spots that we have found. 

However, I need to say that we have discovered a place that has simply stolen my heart & it deserves the attention. As the result, for you to remember the name, it is called Bistro Deryne Budapest.



So, what is so special about this Bistro? Hmz… Let me try to put it in those simple words.

The atmosphere. When we walked in, we were welcomed by well dressed staff. Apparently, we had booked the best day – the Jazz Brunch party had just started. It was so cozy!

As we needed to wait for our table, we were seated by the bar. Just for you to know, we were just back from our hiking tour in the Buda part of the city. As the result, we were tired & let’s say “not at our prettiest look”. I had spilled my morning coffee on the t-shirt before & the heat & the sweat did not help either. Anyways, the bartender girl was trying to keep a friendly chat with me as she saw my frustration about those small things. 10 minutes after we were kindly seated at our table. 

Everything around felt so fancy, but at the same time it was so relaxing & we felt like we were welcomed to someone´s home. Two tired people invited for a well prepared Sunday´s brunch. 



The interior. Uh, The Bistro combines those good classic & South European vibes of the elegance. Everything, from the lamps to the little service details, has been taken care of. It simply felt like taking a good holiday from our holiday, if you could understand the feeling. Consequently, the space was able to send us to a fresher atmosphere where we could relax, experience & enjoy.



The menu & the food. Well, the most important part of it all is the food right? First of all, their bread basket was dangerous. I am not eating a lot of it usually, but the one served there was simply delicious, light & so good. The place had its own bakery & was absolutely worth trying.

The menu in itself was presented in a very clear & elegant way. Food choices were well sorted & everyone could find something for themselves. 

The plating was beautiful: simple & elegant at the same time. I order a goat cheese salad very often, however this one had a special touch & freshness of it was true enjoyment. The portions were not so big, but it verified my new motto “less is more”. The food of quality & richness of taste was the most important part.

To summarize it all, the Bistro Deryne Budapest combined that luxury service with a twist of casualty. The prices were good for everything we got & it was a pleasure to visit it.

Would I ever go back? Yes… Next time I am in Budapest, I will definitely go back to one of my favorite spots.

Maybe see you there one day? Who knows….

Go & try it yourself!!!! 


With Lots Of Love from Vero

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