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My Ladies & Gentlemen,


So basically the summer is leaving us! Not that it was the greatest one weather wise, but it definitely was a perfect one for finding some good food spots in Copenhagen. Unfortunately, we could not enjoy the outdoors as much as we wished. However, there were some places found that are perfectly created for all the seasons & enjoyment of your time.

I guess many of you have heard this name “Brus Copenhagen”. Haven´t you? Ouh well, if you haven´t then you need to put it on your “to do list” asap. Let me quickly tell you why.

My first visit to this place was when I needed to meet a bunch of friends for a catch up. Some were stopping by the city for a couple of days as they moved to live far away. So, catching up for drinks was necessary. As we were many (around 25 I would say), we needed to have a good spot to hang out. Now I really understand why Brus was chosen as the spot. 

Firstly, the area is divided in 3 sections: the shop, the bar & the food space. It is quite big & many can find something for themselves. Obviously, if the weather is great then you have a lot of space outside where you can enjoy the vital spirit of Nørrebro. Especially in summer it is so charming! 

Brus is known to be a good brewery, I can not doubt that their beers are good & prices are very fair. Plus, I am not a beer person at all & still they made me drink that it & I liked it. If you asked most of my friends who didn´t see it, they would not believe me ! :). However, they also serve drinks which are pretty good I would say.

Secondly, as I fell in love with all the concept a little bit, (just a little bit which was enough:)), I started hanging out here for some simple catch ups & meetings. It has always been pleasant. The vibrant international atmosphere & vitality of Brus makes your day a little bit better. It is a very relaxing environment & it is simply enjoyable. 

Finally, a little important celebration as my birthday came up & I decided to invite my roommate for a dinner. I changed the place to the last moment & here Brus Copenhagen was chosen again. I was very curious about that “food space” they had.



So, my dearest people, as we were really lucky with the weather & the sky was bright we sat outside. The menu was pretty simple but so many things sounded really good. Consequently we ordered some dishes to share.

Well, I am a fan of their fermented food concept! If you like kimchi, then you need to try the various ones that they offer here. You will not get disappointed, I am sure. Besides that, I have found one of my favorite fries in this town. Yes, they are found at Brus! Their fermented ones with a mushroom dip is something I am going back there for.

To conclude, I am not talking too much here anymore. Pick the address, gather some friends & enjoy your time at Brus CopenhagenGuldbergsgade 29F, 2200 København N is the address.

We might see each other there ! 🙂 


With Lots Of Love From Vero


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