Celebrate Yourself – The Importance Of “Me Hygge Time”


Hello My Ladies & Gentlemen,


I hope that everything is going well. Although we are still cold in this European winter, the spring is coming ! 

Are you getting ready for the sunshine? I suppose that everyone living in the Nordic countries is. 

The seasons are a very beautiful part of the nature showing us the importance of the change. Furthermore, we could probably learn a lot about that little concept of the patience & so called “hygge time”. 

As the consequence, we tend to wait for the holidays, for the sunshine, for the better days to come & for something exciting that might show up tomorrow. I´m not saying that it´s wrong. Ouh no! I want my spring, light dresses, glass of a rose & homemade ice-creams. Nevertheless, during these recent times I have been learning a lot from this winter season. 

Do you ever have those days when you wanna do something but not all the things go right? You might need some company to cheer a glass. You might need some friends to be invited for a dinner. Or you might simply need someone to have a chat with. Happily we have the social media & the phones connecting all the parts of the world. Anyways it´s not always the same & you feel this “winter urge” of the spring to come, friends to cheer you up & life to bring you some excitement to smile. 

Consequently, we stop the moment once in a while & we try to find some good parts in it. We might start waiting for a Friday, for those holidays, for our soulmate, for a surprise… It´s fine – not all the days can be perfect. 

Moreover, we are all people who sometimes get motivated by these moments of change. We make our new plans & set the goals… We try to figure some things out & that little “struggle” might lead us towards our small & big success moments. 

The success … that´s exactly a perfect word to describe what I wanted to say. As all the people I have my moments & during that ups & downs roller-coaster I have been trying to find some new things for myself. From recipe books, to pancakes baking, from dinner parties to dancing events, from little city walks to dining weeks in town.

Italy taught me a lot about the food culture & some traditional values. Scandinavia has been teaching me about this importance of time off or again the “hygge”.

As the result, I have found this amazing importance of the “Me Hygge Time” & there are simple things that have gotten a lot of space in my life: 

Learn to cook that perfect meal for one: Sharing is carrying & it´s always good to have someone to make memories with. However, sometimes you are simply alone & you should enjoy that time. As many people, I love to cook for others & sometimes you just pick something super simple when it´s only you. Nevertheless, I have been doing so many small perfect dishes (lots of homemade baking) for myself during this winter & it has been very delicious & enjoyable. I´ve learned the importance of my own company for enjoying the dinner in this way.



Bring yourself for a dinner: There are those evenings when you really want to do something & you can´t because everyone is busy. I´ve learned one thing: that shouldn´t stop you from going out. I´ve learned to go for small dinners for myself in my favorite places & it has been nothing else but success for my daily being. Sometimes you can be the best entertainer of your social activity.



Take those long walks: sometimes a long walk with a cup of coffee in hand is something extremely enjoyable. It´s some kind of a “modern meditation” that calms you down meanwhile you observe people, spend some time with yourself & move your body. 

As the result of these 3 new daily steps, I have been discovering my lovely Copenhagen with lots of love & I´ve learned to celebrate that “me time”. It has created a lot of good memorable moments for my blog. I´m preparing the series of posts for the best spots & things to do in the city, so you can go on a little date with yourself.

As much as I love all the people around me & the big social groups. It´s always nice to take that hygge time for yourself & it´s that little success of learning to celebrate yourself. Thank you for that my cold, but cozy Scandinavian winter.

Happy Sunday everyone! Celebrate yourself a little, it´s the whole idea about learning to be you. Then you can share it with others 🙂 

I´m happy to share all those tips during the week with you 🙂


Lots of Love from Vero #atveros


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Celebrate Yourself – The Importance Of “Me Hygge Time”

  1. Thank you Vero, for that inspiration again. I’d love to take my walk with the cup of coffee… and when Copenhagen comes to mind in that Hygge moment. Hugs and kisses from Berlin.

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