Effortless Way To Enjoy Life – What I Have Learned So Far


Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen 🙂


you might read this in the afternoon, evening or whatever, but as I am sitting in a beautiful autumn sunshine here, let´s start with that!

Firstly, as I (& many others) often say: “Time flies“. Not only this summer flew away quickly, but also we are already finding ourselves in the first days of October. Bless these seasons, with all their gorgeousness they come & leave. This is why I have realized that with all the tasks & “to do” lists, I have forgotten to write about something else than good food places. Not that they are not important.

Secondly, as I have always been very charmed by the service industry & food traditions (if you haven´t noticed yet ;)) I have realized how much I have learned from this environment.

So finally, let me share some little joyful lessons that this life has taught me so far:

Most things in your life are about people: & this is so damn beautiful!

We live in the world full of opportunities, quick changes & obviously challenges. Nevertheless, throughout each experience we meet each other & we interact making stories in our lives. Not all the days can be filled with roses & happy moments, some days are bringing that “mean blues” feeling. However, just jumping down to your favorite cafe & having a chit chat with a bartender, can put a smile on your face.

Obviously, setting a table for your guests for dinner is not only about the food that is going to be served. 50% of the beauty of the event is depending on who you are sharing that experience with!

Plus, often just sitting on a couch with your roommate & enjoying a simple movie meanwhile another one falls asleep. These are those simple moments of peace, we just tend to do not realize it. It is not only about that “summer rose” as I would say, it is also about who you are sharing it with. 



Taking time for yourself is important. & it is a simple relief sometimes.

I know I know, I have just said how lovely it is to spend time with people. However, balancing your living with setting some “me time” is as essential for your being. I have already talked about this in one of my previous posts “Celebrate Yourself”

Consequently, I will not repeat it, but ah it is simply beautiful to actually enjoy those moments. I still love going places alone & spending some “me time”. Actually, in this way I have met many wonderful people who make part of my life now. Sometimes, just sometimes, random things happen suddenly & you do not need a crowd to follow. 

It took me some time to realize it, but You are the only person who you will spend your whole life with, you need to take care of that relationship


The daily life is most important. & it is so simple!

We often set goals to ourselves & obviously we live to achieve them. This is the way to go, I can not add more. However, when I look back now, most important things are those preparation moments. How much I learned just by sitting in my favorite cafes, drinking coffee & trying to get a project done. 

The main point here from me is: as time flies & the seasons change so fast, we should stop counting the days in order to achieve something. We may get out more of it when we let the days fulfill our simply being. Enjoy your food, random talks, little frustrations & daily duties. They all make a part of who you are. You never know what happens tomorrow.

To summarize it all. We live in the world full of little joys that at the end of our busy days bring us happiness. The only thing is that sometimes we get overwhelmed & forget to enjoy them. 

Have a great start of this month!

I talk to you soon & come back with more brunching ideas asap ofc! 😉

With Love from Vero #atveros

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