Foodies Culture – Why Are We So In Love With That Food?


Ladies & Gentlement, 


it has been a while since my latest post. I love to say that the time flies & it actually does. Although I have not posted as many posts recently, I was still going around the city, exploring the surroundings and having my good food meetings. 

Obviously, my phone is filled with food pictures and I am still happy to answer each person´s question regarding the recommendations for the places to eat. 

However, although the Instagram is still reflecting those going out & eating days & evenings, not so much I was putting on these pages. Nope, it is not because I did not appreciate it, it is the opposite. More & more I go places, meet new people & try different foods, more I actually fall in love with it all. 

& still here I realized how much time I spent just trying to get the best picture & observe the details for certain posts. I am not saying that I will stop doing it, nope! It just made me more & more curious, why do we actually love this culture so much? What is behind all those food concepts that make people go crazy for the sake of enjoying it? 

Is it always about actually loving it? Or is it a part of a trend? I guess that I will never be able to answer this question as it might be a combination of both. Maybe it is actually loving the trend! Nevertheless, there is something so amazing about the food & service culture of our days that I am still in love with.

Let´s take an office job. Many of us who sit behind the desks (I myself was doing it for a long while) have those mean days when we do not want to interact with the world. As the result, we could take some breaks when it would suit us. We could simply have our mean reds & do our job. There is one little detail that I love about service industry & all the dedicated people who work there. Most of the times they come there with the smile. 

Sometimes it might be tired & a bit stressed but still there is that “moment of now” of their job that could not be substituted by anyone else & could not be done in another moment! 

So often I just go places, sit with a cup of coffee & enjoy what is happening around me. I love each talk with those bartenders & people around. I love the spontaneous happenings around & many different people doing their things & focusing on tasks. Obviously a good cup of coffee & food are the best attributes. How much time & fantasy some chefs spend just for plating our breakfasts or lunches? It is like a little share of their daily art that we can enjoy.

To summarize it all, I would say that the service industry is the best representative of the “presence” moment. As much as we are stressed with our daily lives it is somewhere in between our XXI century´s mindfulness moments. How many times we were seeking for that place to relax & escape from our daily routine moments? I guess that there were many of your coffee breaks, lunch dates etc. Try to look at it daily! Your favorite cafes & all the people working there …  

I guess that the best coffee & food spots have often been the “escape” places for many, we simply have not realized it yet. One thing I know for sure, it is a pleasure to go for a good meal, have a nice chat with people. I guess that it is true what James Beard said once: “Food is our common ground, a universal experience“.

Cheers to that I guess & all those lovely people working in the industry! 



Talk to you soon!

With Lots Of Love from Vero #atveros

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