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Ladies & Gentlemen,


happy days of January! Ah, I know… It is a little bit sad with all the darkness outside. All the holiday decorations are taken down, all the presents are opened & bank accounts are not super positive after the massive December madness. However, we are getting closer to the spring, so let´s just try to embrace this season! 

As you all know, I love good food places & spaces. Therefore, I was very curious to try a new one called Hey Darling Copenhagen! 

Firstly, I need to admit that I fell in love with the name. There is something gorgeous about it. Maybe the owners wanted everyone to feel a little bit special. Obviously, they succeeded with me! Not only the word “darling” (which I use pretty often) attracted me, but also the smiling & sincere service contributed well to the whole concept. It felt like each person was taken care of with a lot of attention.

Secondly, the food. Ah, let´s talk about the food. We went there for a Sundays’ brunch. The menu looked pretty simple as we got 4 options. After it was examined for couple of minutes, we went for the one called “eggs darling”. I loved the concept that we could choose the base & then we could combine it with the balls of our preference. They serve several types of bowls & we both went for the veggie ones. Yes yes, the vegetarian plate for us, please!



& obviously, I needed to grab a coffee. No brunch without a good cup of one. I need to mention that it did not disappoint me. 

It all arrived quickly & the waiter was always bringing a smile with him. We dug in the plates pretty fast & my dearest darlings, it was really good!

Finally, to summarize it all, I would say that you would need to try it yourself. From my side, I loved the concept of the menu. The portions were perfectly measured, so there neither was too less nor there was some so called “food waste”. In addition, the service was very welcoming & all the experience was simply good.

Thumbs up Hey Darling Copenhagen! Give it a try my Ladies & Gentlemen! 🙂 

I will drop you the link: http://www.heydarling.dk/ . 



With Lots Of Love from Vero! #atveros 

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