Less Is More – Small Steps Towards The Minimalism


Ladies & Gentlemen,


this spring has been intense with a lot happening and time flying. Sometimes you lose yourself in that bubble.

Certainly, we all know that we live in a society full of many choices and possibilities. I have always been nothing but thankful for everything that has happened so far. Life we are living in our days is giving us many chances to express who we are, or maybe who we wanna be.

I know, we all tend to try to find that best feeling of happiness and often it is hidden behind a lot of frustration, some tears and negative emotions. In those moments the sentence of “here comes the sun” starts having a better meaning. However, sometimes we tend to treat ourselves with many superficial or not so necessary things and we have those moments when we try to buy or owe that satisfaction of things or experiences that should make us feel good.

I am not saying that this is not helpful. Sometimes it obviously is and I like it! 🙂 Nevertheless, I have found out that I want to focus more on finding the better value of less is more concept of minimalism. As the result finding that balance could be the best way of riding this daily bicycle of living. 

We are human beings and sometimes we lose ourselves easily. Starting from choosing a yogurt, in the supermarket, picking a diet and finishing with people, relationships and the career. Sometimes we simply wanna be everywhere and try everything. However, there comes that time when you find out that you do not need the whole world to make you happy. 

So, all this talk is here because I wanna start my new chapter filled with minimalism and different approaches towards living.

Therefore, atveros is going to have a new touch towards food, stories and life in general. 

Finally I feel inspired to be back to these pages again 🙂 I look forward to sharing that weekly journey filled with discoveries towards the minimalism. 




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