Minimalism In Living – What Is It & How Much Of It Do You Need?


Ladies & Gentlemen,


firstly, since I have found my new focus in daily life, I have received few questions about what I was going to do, how it was actually working etc. Obviously, I am still on that “still figuring it all out” process & it might take a lifetime to actually understand it. However, that journey of the minimalism in living is what excites & thrills me. A different perspective on those daily things.

Secondly, it is important to say that this minimalism approach does not mean that I am totally stopping buying things or going places. The opposite, the purpose here is to find that way how to purchase, owe & live smarter. “Quality over quantity” or “Less is more“.

Finally, I have figured out that when talking about that minimalism in living, it is not only about the physical things, but also food, experiences etc. Obviously, once I have mentioned this to my best mate, his question was: “You are going to do what?“. 

Nevertheless, there was this one little piece missing in all this idea. As I have started focusing on how to do reduce, use less & be more clever with my buying & using decisions, I have realized that I have been pushing some things too much. I found myself in some moments when I drove myself crazy. Therefore, the minimalism in thinking & relaxation has come into the picture. I guess that called “mindfulness” in our days.

So, to put it all together shortly, I am probably trying to find that way of living in a mindful way of minimalism in all the aspects of this life. However, I do not want to limit me crazily. The opposite! It is probably a way of trying to find that daily freedom. 

From those new needed & not so needed dresses to good & not read books on the shelves. From favorite wine collections to jewelry corners. From supermarket walks, to cafe visits & food orders! Yes I am actually going to look into the menus & order habits of mine. It is all new minimalism way.. From cooking at home to all those dinner parties. From summer outfits to winter wardrobe. It is all about “You need this” & “You do not need this” perspective. Lets see what it brings.

As the result, I can already see that it seems easier than it actually can be done. As first step, I have realized that my habits have been filled with so many ideas, things & “comforting” solutions, that sometimes that “less is more” thinking could not be digested so quickly by my routine. I have come to a conclusion that it needs to be taken like daily vitamins. Day by day & slowly with the progressive results. 

So we will be talking about the food… things… dresses… & life in a little more qualitative way of living this life of a millennial, I guess. 

I am already working on the first sustainability review for some food places! 

Can´t wait to put it all together! 🙂

Love, Vero

P.S. a new logo is on its way! 


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