Social Copenhagen – Two Little Charming Corners Of Gluten Free Food


Ladies & Gentlemen,


I will be straightforward today. How about going for some waffles for lunch & snack? You can also get some zucchini bread if you wish, plus a good bowl of chia is always a delightful idea! Am I wrong? 

Obviously, as there is a lot of daily darkness in Scandinavia, we are all embracing this hygge feeling of coziness & staying in. However, as much as we love it, we also need to find some good spots in town so we can change our environment a little bit & refresh our mind. 

As the result, let me come back to those waffles & hygge put together, here you go – I found the place – Social Copenhagen is that perfect combination of both!



Firstly, as there are two locations at the moment, they both can be described as small corners of coziness for your daily meetings & enjoyment.  

Secondly, the menu… ah, the menu is really simple! However, you can still get everything you need for a good meal & it is all gluten free. So, high five for those guilt free lunch waffles, zucchini bread or coconut flour bread rolls with cheese. I simply love them!

In addition, the prices are, so called, “wallet friendly” & you will definitely not feel guilty for spending the amount for what you get. 

To sum it all up, both Social Copenhagen spots are those perfect ones for your daily breakfasts & lunches. The simplicity & coziness of the places is simply charming. Plus, the food is delicious & comforting. 

What should I add more? I simply & sincerely like it! 

So, Social Peblinge Dossering 4, kld. th, 2200 København N & Social Sankt Gertruds Stræde Sankt Gertruds Stræde 4 1129 København K are the addresses to remember. Somehow, both locations are that perfect example of hygge, which can not be put in more concrete words.

You just need to try it!


P.S. you should absolutely grab a cup of coffee, as the baristas know what they are doing at Social.

This is i for this time,

With Lots Of Love From Vero #atveros


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