When Less Is More – The Importance Of Hygge


Hello My Ladies & Gentlemen,


I hope you had a wonderful Easter filled with good time with friends/family & some delicious food.

We definitely enjoyed this unpredictable weather in Copenhagen: from snowy mornings to very sunny days. Nevertheless, there is always space & time for those quality times when sharing some food with people.

I have not been putting a word on these pages for a while. The blog is on its developing process with new things to come. As it is taking much longer time than expected, I have even forgotten to sit for a moment & write. 

However, thanks Easter holidays – they let me sit & put some little things into a perspective. This time I opened this blog & wanted to share something with you. It won´t be about the food only. This time we are going to talk about that famous good feeling that not many can describe, but everyone loves. On the Danish dictionary they call it HYGGE. As it has become so popular, it has shown up in many languages & cultures. You can find so many books written about it.

So what is hygge? I will probably never find the right description to explain it. & again, hygge is something for everyone to find. Something for each to appreciate & discover of their own.

Let me tell you what this Easter has taught me about it. 



Firstly, we had many days of holidays in Denmark, people started going out on Wednesday night, as Thursday was a day off for the majority. Consequently, you could meet all the tipsy people around the streets, those beer/wine bars were pretty filled & you could hear music sounds from different buildings of your neighbors. That feeling of relaxation & people taking some time to their parties.

Secondly, those days after are not always the best. We all know the hangover feeling &, ouh, “I will not drink anymore” sentence. Funny enough, I hosted several brunches the following days & all the times at least one of the guests had that lovely hangover. One of them came with flowers & with his blinking eyes said “I am here!” although I could see that he was just back from town.

So finally, why am I talking about this? 

Because all those sentences above describe what hygge is about. I took some mornings for myself preparing the food for different friends who would sit around the table & enjoy some laughs, brunch bites & stories. Some, who had hangover walked all the way to my place just because they made a promise. That promise of a true simple friendship is something that we hold in ourselves & it is a part of the simplicity of the value of the daily things. 

Some of us went for a long walk in either the wind or the sun. This weather was really weird. Like a surprise egg for each Easter holiday day. You could not know what would be coming next. No matter what, we found a way to embrace it & tried to make the best out of it. Sharing a glass of wine & watching a movie, talking for hours about different stories, listening to the music & looking into the plans for the future…

It is all about taking a break & simply enjoying it. The most wonderful part of this hygge for me is that you realize that LESS IS MORE & the best things in life are not things. They are moments with people & yourself when you stop for a second & realize that you do not need so much to fulfill your soul. Sometimes you just need a call from a friend, a brunch, a walk with a cup of coffee & that good dose of a daily laugh. A hug from a loved one, an unexpected message from a person you care about or even some flowers from a friend who put himself together just to show up.

Hygge is all about you & your well being for each of us. Sometimes you need to stop for a second & just enjoy it. The beauty of here & now.

Find your own way of hygge 😉 I truly believe that each of us has so many of it around. The most beautiful part? It is the same feeling that we might define by different things. 

Now… it is time to go back to work! Have a lovely week.

With Love, Yours Vero

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